Android phones with versions higher than 4.0 and iOS phones with versions 10 and higher will support this application.

You can add profiles for more than one children by selecting ‘Profile Manager’ option from the ‘Main Menu’. The lists of profiles added will be displayed at the top of the chat screen.

As of now, the voice chat option is not available. But you can use your phone’s keyboard’s ‘text-to-speech’ feature to ask questions to Bee.

Yes! Click on the ‘star’ icon available with every content on our app. You can later visit your starred messages from ‘Main Menu’ under ‘Starred Messages’ option.

Yes, you can! Simply go the ‘Main Menu’ and click on ‘Clear Chat History’ option.

By clicking the share icon available with every content on our app, you can share the content on any platform you want.

No, there are no in-app purchases as of now.

No! The app is available completely for free on Playstore and Apple store.

The app offers content in written and audio format. The contents include Health concerns, Parenting concerns, Parenting advice, Stories, Songs, Activities, Books, Toys, GK facts, Truth and Dare challenges, Riddles, Tongue twisters, Movies, Vaccine, Parenting Quotes, and more.

Simply click on the ‘Download App’ button on the top-right corner of this page. Alternatively, you can search for the app on Playstore and Apple store.

Yes! Your data is not shared with any third party. The information you feed in at the time of ‘Sign Up’ is solely for the purpose of providing you with relatable content.