How to balance work and childcare

How to balance work and childcare?

Balancing work and childcare is often overwhelming. While there is no ideal solution to this problem, here are some tips that can help you strike the right balance between work and childcare: Take good care of yourself. When you are tired and stretched, it gets difficult to manage both work and home. Have some ‘me […]

January 16 2020

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how to raise a single child

How to raise a single child ?

Raising a single child is absolutely alright; do not let the external pressure and guilt affect you. You can raise an only child with good attributes of sharing and negotiation. You might be worried about loneliness but friends are often a new family. Teach social skills by frequent interactions with neighbours and close family members. […]

January 3 2020

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How to manage sibling insecurity

How to Manage sibling insecurity?

Every child needs full attention of a parent. While you are busy with the younger one, your elder child will experience a range of emotions, from excitement to jealousy to responsible and depicting care.  In order to seek your attention, the elder child may show more tantrums or misbehave or refuse to eat. These emotions […]

December 28 2019

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How To Raise a Mentally Strong Child?

Early years of childhood have a great impact in grooming stable and successful adults. Mentally strong children are prepared to tackle complex problems, fight with failures and cope up with challenges as they grow-up. However, mental strength should not be misunderstood, it does not mean the child will never cry or always be an obedient […]

December 17 2019

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Creating a Confession Corner in your house

No one including adults like to confess; it is easier to lie and make an excuse for our misdeeds. We don’t want other …

November 13 2019

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Activities that improve concentration in children

Children are naturally curious and full of energy; activities to improve concentration will help channel that …

November 13 2019

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