The dragon who could not spit fire!

A strong and beautiful mother dragon had just given birth to three little dragon babies — Red, Blue and Green. Red was a beautiful and calm and strong dragon. Soon after she was born, she had set to learning about protecting her lands. She didn’t usually get angry, but when times called, she roared and […]

June 29 2020

Posted by: Hey Bee

The ship that was scared at sailing

There was a newly born ship called Hilda. She was new, talented and beautiful. But there was one problem due to which she had never travelled before. Hilda was scared of sailing in the ocean. She was scared that she would not be able to stay afloat and would sink. This is why Hilda always […]

June 19 2020

Posted by: Hey Bee

The journey of a water droplet

Water vapour high up in the sky joins together to form a cloud. Soon the weather turned cold and a drop of water was formed. A little water droplet was born and she was very happy to go on the adventure around the world. She was very eager to reach Earth and make new friends. […]

June 12 2020

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The clown learns responsibility

Once, there was a careless clown. He always ended up losing his things and breaking stuff. Everyone said that he should be more responsible about his things and be careful when he uses other people’s stuff. One day while performing, his jacket tore up a little bit because he carelessly bumped into something. The clown […]

June 8 2020

Posted by: Hey Bee