Child experiencing unpleasant dreams

Unpleasant dreams or nightmares can make children cranky throughout the day and can instil fear in them. There are three ways of knowing whether your child is having unpleasant dreams or not: The first is if the child wakes up in the middle of the night and starts screaming and is disturbed. The second if […]

July 2 2020

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Dealing with child’s habit of stealing things

Children do not understand the concept of “stealing” so instead of dealing with this situation using your anger, it is better to sit with your child and make him/her understand why they should not be doing this. Stealing is something which a child does out of curiosity. Maybe the child is picking up simple things […]

June 30 2020

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Addressing sibling rivalry

It is a very common human stratum that we always have rivalry with our siblings. This happens in every family. But with certain families, it becomes very strong and gets difficult to handle. Sibling rivalry can be as simple as- siblings who are not ready to share things or can be extreme like – physical […]

June 15 2020

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Nyctophobia – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

What is “Nyctophobia” and what are its causes, symptoms, signs, and treatments? Nyctophobia is when a child fears night time or darkness, this is one of the common childhood fears that progresses till adolescence. Fear of darkness or sleeping alone at night usually develops between 3 to 6 years (36 to 72 months) of age. […]

May 27 2020

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