Gujarati Tongue Twister

Tongue twisters help in speech development and pronunciation. They also help in increasing concentration. બિલ્લી ગઈ દિલ્લી દિલ્લી થઈ બિલ્લી મોબાઈલ ખોટ્ટો દુશ્મન મોટ્ટો કાચી કેરી, પાકી કેરી વડ નું થડ, થડ ના પડ નયન નમન કર. નમન નમન કર. તારી ગાડી. મારી ગાડી. રજ્જા ની મજ્જા. મજ્જા ની રજ્જા. કાર ના ઉપર કૂતરો. કુતરા […]

June 26 2020

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Tooth decay – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Tooth decay or cavities are very common among kids and teenagers. Cavities are tiny openings or holes that develop in the hard surface of the teeth. Cavities are also called tooth decay or caries. The main cause of tooth decay in children is the unhealthy food habits. Causes: Excess intake of sugary food Retaining sweet […]

June 25 2020

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Making mathematics interesting for kids

Many children dread maths. But with a few interesting steps, your child can learn mathematics in a fun way. You can use simple day to day activities and conversations to teach your child maths in an interesting way: Teach your child numbers and then counting numbers: Each child learns at his or her own pace […]

June 24 2020

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Travelling with a child in car

Following measures can help you have a cosy and comfy car ride with your child: Choose a good quality comfortable and safe car seat for your child. Ensure the baby is comfortable in his/her clothes. It should neither be too hot nor too cold for the baby. See that the baby has a fresh diaper […]

June 23 2020

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The ship that was scared at sailing

There was a newly born ship called Hilda. She was new, talented and beautiful. But there was one problem due to which she had never travelled before. Hilda was scared of sailing in the ocean. She was scared that she would not be able to stay afloat and would sink. This is why Hilda always […]

June 19 2020

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GK Why Questions

If curiosity had a face, it would be kids’. Kids will ask the smartest, weirdest, and the silliest questions because they are curious human beings. We bring to you a set of questions and answers which will help you feed your child’s curiosity time and again. Why Aren’t There Any More Dinosaurs? About 65 million […]

June 18 2020

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