What is sudden infant death syndrome?

By Hey Bee February 22 2020 in Babycare

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is also known as cot/crib death. As per the name, it is a sudden unexplained death of a child under 1 year of age with no explainable reasons after a thorough biopsy. SIDS is more likely to occur between 2 to 4 months of infants. SIDS is more prevalent in boys. Most SIDS deaths occur in the winter.

The following things increase risk of SIDS:

  • Sleeping on the stomach.
  • Being around cigarette smoke while in the womb or after being born.
  • Soft bedding in the crib.
  • Multiple birth babies (being a twin, triplet, etc.).
  • Premature birth.
  • Having a brother or sister who had SIDS.
  • Mothers who smoke or use illegal drugs.
  • Being born to a teen mother.
  • Short time period between pregnancies.
  • Late or no prenatal care.

Preventive measures you can take:

  • Put your baby to sleep on his back.
  • See that you don’t put extra pillows, blankets or bumper pads in the bed with the baby.
  • See the baby doesn’t get too hot.
  • Always use a firm sleep surface for the baby’s bed.
  • Keep your baby away from smoke and smokers.
  • Use of pacifiers reduces risk of SIDS, although the reason is unclear.