How to wake up my child for school early & happily?

By Hey Bee November 11 2019 in Babycare

Waking up early is always a task but rather than making it a happy start we tend to begin with tantrums and add to the drama by yelling or pouring cold drops of water to pull the little ones out of the bed.

Here are some of the ways that will help you to make a beautiful & happy start in the morning:

Instead of shouting let’s start with some music. Have routine morning music, put it on for the entire family and let it be your sweet alarm. You can play favourite rhymes or audio books for the little one.

Take time to snuggle and hug the little one, hug them in bed instead of pulling them out, these little moments will have a lasting impact to set the morning routine.

Identify the problem. If the child is not getting enough sleep at night this could be disturbing. Make sure the child gets at least 10 hours of sleep to begin with a happy morning and an active routine.

Put your efforts in making your child sleep early rather than putting those efforts in waking them up.

Dim the lights; begin with bed time story and most importantly keep the phones and devices away from the bed.