How To Raise a Mentally Strong Child?

By Hey Bee December 17 2019 in Babycare

Early years of childhood have a great impact in grooming stable and successful adults. Mentally strong children are prepared to tackle complex problems, fight with failures and cope up with challenges as they grow-up. However, mental strength should not be misunderstood, it does not mean the child will never cry or always be an obedient toddler. It means raising an independent child who can deal with self-doubts by identifying the consequences of one’s own decisions.

Here is how you can raise mentally strong children:

  • Help them to manage their feelings. Instead of saying “it is ok to get angry, not a big deal” say that “It is normal to lose temper, but hitting your friend is not right”. Feelings are natural; parents should teach children about how to deal with those feelings.
  • Teach them to cope up with their emotions. When the child is sad – instead of giving them chocolates, try to help them identify what makes them happy. Children may find happiness in painting/colouring or music or outdoor play.
  • Let them solve their own problems or learn from their mistakes, for e.g. If the child has a problem while playing with friends, do not interfere, let them have disagreements. Discuss about the problem and jot down 5 solutions and let the child choose the best.
  • Be the change you want to see in the child. You might be tired after a hectic day at work but you can say “I know I am tired but let me quickly prepare dinner and play with you rather than sitting idle or checking messages on my phone.”