How to balance work and childcare?

By Hey Bee January 16 2020 in Babycare

Balancing work and childcare is often overwhelming. While there is no ideal solution to this problem, here are some tips that can help you strike the right balance between work and childcare:

  • Take good care of yourself. When you are tired and stretched, it gets difficult to manage both work and home. Have some ‘me time’. Wake up a little early, exercise – go for a walk in green surroundings. A healthy body and healthy mind will keep you fit and energetic for the whole day.
  • Take help whenever required. You can always seek assistance from parents or grandparents. Offer car pooling for evening activity class on a busy day at work and arrange for a play-date for children over the weekend.
  • Avoid planning to give equal time for both. You cannot practically do that because some days are extremely busy at work and sometimes baby’s health/education will need an extra attention. Flexibility at work and home is the key to strike the right balance.
  • Be a smart cook. You can boil 2 – 3 daals on weekends and stuff them in refrigerator; this will save your cooking time on weekdays and spare time which you can spend with your kids.

Adhere to schedule. Have strict sleep schedules – the efforts should not be to wake up early; the efforts should be about sleeping on time. Spend more bedtime with kids and wake up early together. Share household chores and do them together.