How do I homeschool my kids?

By Hey Bee March 3 2020 in Babycare

The decision of homeschooling a child is a major one and needs to be taken in the light of researching all the pros and cons, legalities and challenges that come with the step.

To start with, there can be different approaches one may take. The way/approach majorly depends on the requirement and suitability of the parent and hence the planning may be done.

Approach #1: Taking the child out of a regular school and start educating them at home without any affiliation with a School or Board. 

This way the children may learn in an independent manner and won’t have to follow a particular curriculum. The homeschooler family gets to explore all the resources, methods and content nationally and internationally.

Later, with the progress, the family may choose a Board which is suitable for the child(ren) to appear for their 10th examination and accordingly, they may be introduced to the curriculum. 

This kind of set-up fit suits the children who are in elementary or middle school years. For children who are close to the 10th grade and have to sit for their board exam as well, one might want to look at other approaches since there is less time in hand .

Approach #2: Some schools allow parents to enroll their children as a private student. In this approach, parents can choose to teach their children at home but have to follow the curriculum and examination process of the school.

In this approach, Parents have to personally approach the schools, that have affiliation with the Board they prefer (IB, SSC, IGCSE, NIOS etc.). In this case the homeschooler family will have to follow the standardised curriculum adopted by the school (they have enrolled into).

Apart from the approach, one may start with the following pointers:

1. Understand the legalities involved

2. Locate homeschoolers nearby, in your city

3. Explore homeschooling methods/approaches

4. Design a plan suitable for your child

5. Attend book fairs, conferences and events

6. Spot your support network