Keeping your child’s discipline in check.

By Hey Bee November 7 2019 in Babycare

Discipline teaches your child how to behave and how not to behave in social and routine situations. Discipline can never be taught just by punishment. Instead, discipline should be taught by talking, listening and showcasing the behaviour you want your child to learn.

Babies under the age of 3 do not really understand good or bad behaviour, teaching discipline to infants or young babies is not really required.

You can inculcate disciplined behaviour among toddlers by:

Making family rules, like talking politely to each other, taking care of each other, everyone helps in household work, taking care of own belongings.

Praise your child for the little good things they learn. Like when they keep shoes or bag at the respective places, appreciate it. This will motivate them to keep up the good behaviour.

Instead of shouting and yelling at children in public for misbehaviour, make a note of the incident and talk about it during bed-time. Ask the child and let them answer about right and wrong behaviour; this will make them conscious about their behaviour next time.

Incentivise good behaviour. Say if the child needs a bicycle, let them earn it with good behaviour. Make a chart and give them stars, let them earn e.g. stars by depicting good behaviour (helping at home, putting their things at the right place, cleaning their room etc.). This will not only inculcate disciplined behaviour but also teach them to value things.