Activities that improve concentration in children

By Hey Bee November 13 2019 in Babycare

Children are naturally curious and full of energy; activities to improve concentration will help channel that energy correctly. Since they are curious, they may get distracted easily with everything and that is quite normal. Parents need to make sure that the activities which they plan are age appropriate and engaging otherwise children will soon lose their interest.

Here are a few fun activities which you can easily plan for your child:

  • Standing on one foot at a time

    Ask your child to stand with their hands hanging naturally, close their eyes, and to lift one foot (not too high, just enough so it does not touch the ground). Closing the eyes is important because if they cannot see, the brain nerves will control the body’s balance by balancing all the organs. And that’s how your child can concentrate on standing on one foot. In the beginning, they won’t be able to stand even for 5 seconds but do not worry as this will improve with time and practice.

  • Missing Numbers

    Missing numbers is an amazing game that helps in improving concentration and makes your child efficient with numbers. In this game, you have to count in any sequence starting from any number and then intentionally miss a specific number while counting.

    For example, Count “5,6,7,9,10,11,12..” and then ask your child to call out the number you missed; like the number 8 in this case. When your child identifies the missing number easily, you can start missing more numbers in a sequence.

  • Sit or Statue

    Make your child sit in a chair without moving or playing as long (s)he can do it. Playing statue means- after you say “statue”, your child will have to freeze in whatever position (s)he was until you say “release”.

    By repeatedly playing such games, the child’s brain will get good exercise and it will strengthen mind-body connections and improves focus.

  • Tongue Twisters

    Tongue twisters are a great way to improve your child’s pronunciation and concentration at the same time. Practicing on tongue twisters helps gaining speed and accuracy in speaking.

  • Deep Breathing or Calm Breathing

    The way your child breathes affects their entire body. Deep breathing is an excellent way to reduce tension or stress in children as many a times they do face stress and anxiety. In fact, the cases have increased in the past few decades, with 40% of children reported to be worried too much.

    Deep breathing helps your child’s brain to relax and learn new skills.

  • More activities to help improve your child’s concentration:

    1. Walking with a glass of water on the palm

    2. Riddles

    3. Sequencing

    4. Solving a Rubik’s cube

    5. Beat the Block

    6. Blocks

    7. Drawing