The dragon who could not spit fire!

A strong and beautiful mother dragon had just given birth to three little dragon babies — Red, Blue and Green.

Red was a beautiful and calm and strong dragon. Soon after she was born, she had set to learning about protecting her lands. She didn’t usually get angry, but when times called, she roared and spit fire.

Blue was brave and strong willed. She loved exploring new places and was a natural protector. Being fierce and intelligent, she was very good at breathing fire.

It was little baby Green that her mother was very worried about. Green did not seem to be able to breathe fire at all. Non fire breathing dragons were considered to be a disgrace to the society but Green’s mother did not want to abandon her.

At first her mother along with her sisters tried a lot to teach Green how to produce fire. They tried and tried and tried. But nothing happened.

Her mother was frustrated and Green was very sad. She felt very bad about herself as she thought that now all her friends and family would not like her. It got worse when she realised that some of her friends in school had stopped talking to her.

One day, there was an accident on their school’s bus. The driver was very heavily injured. Little dragons around her panicked and some accidently burned the bus up. But little intelligent Green stayed focused. She got everyone out of the bus and even called for an ambulance.

Due to Green’s quick thinking and quick arrival of the help, everyone was rescued and everyone was safe in the end. Green was treated as a hero because of how intelligent and thoughtful she was and was no longer treated as an outcast. Everyone realised that just because Green was not like them did not make her any less valued. She was still amazing!

Green finally started loving herself enough and did not let her flaws come in between her abilities.

Moral: Confidence in self can do wonders.

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