Sleepwear tips for babies

Choose sleepwear in a way that the baby sleeps hassle free and wakes up with a smile. Clothing for a baby should be such that the baby is able to sleep hassle free

In winters:

  • Use thermal wear.
  • Do not use cotton clothes as they aren’t effective against cold.
  • For a newborn baby, swaddle with a warm blanket till 2 months.
  • Dress your child in a bodysuit. You can layer up with pants and a top.
  • Put on soft warm socks for tiny toes.
  • Go for zip ups. So if it gets warmer you can take off easily.

In summers:

  • Use organic cotton muslin quilts to cover them while they sleep.
  • Fabric like fleece, cotton or flannel can be used.
  • Smooth cotton tops with short sleeves and pyjamas are enough.
  • In very hot weather only a diaper/cotton underwear is fine.

Each one of us has different capacities to bear hot and cold temperatures so make sure to keep checking till you get an idea about your baby’s tendency. Check whether (s)he is fine with layering up or is (s)he okay with just a diaper. Soon you will know how to dress your own baby depending upon his/her comfort and requirements.

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