Making mathematics interesting for kids

Many children dread maths. But with a few interesting steps, your child can learn mathematics in a fun way. You can use simple day to day activities and conversations to teach your child maths in an interesting way:

  • Teach your child numbers and then counting numbers: Each child learns at his or her own pace and they can learn it through different activities and ways. There cannot be comparison between two kids. You can use objects which we use in our day to day life. Like use buttons, pennies, books, fruits, cars, toys, blocks, chalk colours, etc. Ask them to count apples, oranges and bananas; this will widen their vision of counting and correlating different objects.
  • Play math games: Maths can be a fun subject to learn when you correlate and incorporate it into your daily activities. You can ask them various questions in general so it doesn’t feel like boring study time but make it a part of conversation.
  • Frame easy questions that revolve around his/her world: such as how many soft toys do you have, let’s arrange them in a line and count. When you buy veggies, ask him/her to count money for you. If you are to give 20 rupees you can ask him/her to give you 2 notes of 10 rupees. Keep it as simple as you can in the beginning. Ask him/her to bring spoons for all the family members at lunch. Ask them to show you six fingers on their hands.
  • Cutting cakes and pizzas: While cutting cakes and pizzas, you can teach them division, addition and subtraction too. They can learn the concept of halves and fourths and eighths. You can ask them how they can share a cake equally into all four members of the family and introduce the concept of division. You can add two halves and show them how it becomes one. Likewise you can keep experimenting and see what goes fine with your child.
  • Flash card: Once you have taught them counting you can make flash cards. Keep the question cards with you and give them answer cards. For example, you have a card showing 2+2 and they will show you a card with number 4.
  • Make maths a daily activity: Incorporate it into your routine. Ask questions while communicating with them.

“How many lights are there at this signal?”

“How many lights are there at this signal?”

“How many trees are there in our backyard?”

“Can you tell me the number of doors and windows in our house?”

Likewise keep framing simple questions.

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