What we Are

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Bee is the creation of Early Childhood Development Pvt. Ltd. and is backed by a global NGO- Parenting Nations. Bee was conceptualized in the light to help parents in their journey of parenting.

Inspired by Sophia – world’s first human like robot who has been given citizenship as humans, Siri in Apple & Google assistant in Android phone, we have created world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) based Parenting mobile application. This artificial intelligence (AI) based application has ‘parenting knowledge’ obtained from human experts & fed into the robot brain. This is an ultimate parenting companion cum guide available 24×7 for all the parents who have kids of 0-6 years of age.

Bee comes up with authentic solutions to parenting challenges faced by parents. These solutions are backed by our team of paediatricians, child nutritionists, child psychologists, child psychiatrists, preschool educators, preschool owners, and parent counsellors.


“90% of the child’s brain develops by the age 5, yet only 50% of the kids develop to their full potential.”– UNICEF

We visualise a world where children aren’t just individuals with higher IQs but also with higher EQs. With our work, we aim to guide parents through this journey and help them raise children who are smart and compassionate.


We aim to fill the gap between parents’ problems and all the scattered information available in different sources right now. Through this innovative project, we will work towards providing access to all the information and solutions on parents’ fingertips.

Our Values

Parenting is a lifelong project and with lifelong project comes lifelong learning. We strive to continuously get in touch with as many parents as we can and work towards making BEE a tad bit smarter every day.

Our Team

Buzzing Humans behind Bee

Mr. Alihusen Momin


CA Hozefa Natalwala

CFO (Chief Finance Officer)

Nisar Lakhani

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Anish Parikh

Marketing Team

Bhavin Parmar

Chief Infrastructure Officer

idesire communications

Designing & Branding Team

Dr. Anish Musa

Health and Wellness Expert

Dr. Aliraza Khunt

Paediatric Consultant

Ravina Sewani

Content Manager

Mohmadhaider Devjiyani

Machine Learning Expert

Prachi Mihir Shah

Subject Matter Expert

Samiksha Choithani

Content Developer

Palak Vyas

Content Developer

Bee Features

Bee is the grandma you call on to tell inspiring, moral based stories for your child. Bee is the "Parenting Know-it-All" for your child's trickiest questions.